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The 3 most recent updates we’ve shared with subscribers have resulted in an avalanche of email questions and inquiries from subscribers wanting more information before deciding to become a VIP Client. So, we’ve decided to do something very special and extremely helpful to answer all your questions.

Click ‘play’ button to watch what you’d see
as a MAG Client right after you finish your
Personal Fitness & Goals Interview:

“Exactly What I’ve Been Looking for – FOR YEARS!”

In addition to the MAG Private Client Orientation Video – I’ve copied and pasted a recent comment from a new MAG VIP Client. And rather than me tell you how powerful MAG is for you – I’ll just let her do it. (ps – you’ll be able to communicate with Linda, and many other MAG Clients from around the world, if you wish, once you become a MAG VIP Client)
Linda H. commented on a discussion:

Wow, having gone through the above comments are exactly what I needed to make the “START” I have been looking for it all week (actually a lot longer than that :( ) and now thanks to all of you…I have found it. This new “MAG FACTOR” program is incredible and exactly what I have been looking for, for years! I, like Nena, hate the sight of myself in the mirror – now 45 and a cellulite ridden mess! My children have very recently flown the coop and I now have the time I have been looking for and even my own floor to do it on! Like Teena says 2012 will be my year!! I no longer have any excuses. It is now time for me to be “Accountable”. Your motivational comments will definitely be a big part of my program and everyday life (by the way I have already started to share them with friends in hoping they too will join us one day).

Happy training all and Thank You!!!
~ Linda

I don’t think there is anything else I can share with you at this point to give you a clearer picture of how MAG will help you reach your short terms goals and your long term goals.

You’re either ready to reach your absolute best potential – or not. So, if you are…

- just click MAG Link # 1 to get started right now

- or click MAG Link # 2 to review everything you get when you join us on the other side of the door.

FAIR NOTICE: The VIP Special Intro Rate is ending on Wednesday. On Wednesday the Private Client fee increases by 50% (it goes up to $29.95 from $19.95) – so get in now if you want to lock in the best deal. YOU CAN CANCEL ANYTIME IF YOU EVER WISH TO DO SO

Behind the walls of MAG is where I’m going to be spending most of my time from here forward. All of my best materials, videos, articles, coaching calls, interviews and many surprises along the way will be added on a monthly basis to your MAG Private Client area.

ONLY MAG VIP Clients Get My Absolute
Best Materials from Here Forward

This means I will be spending much less time creating fitness and nutrition material for my free public blogs…

This is a big year of transition for me – and part of this entails identifying the very serious and committed subscribers from the “not so serious” subscribers… MAG is one of the ways I’m doing this. And, whether you understand why at this point or not – This approach is actually for your own good.

Looking forward to seeing you inside the MAG Private Forum.

If by some chance you still have any questions – please post them below and me or one of the MAG Team Pros will answer shortly…

Thanks for watching and reading,

Joey Atlas
ps – you may be new to this whole MAG thing. And if so – you’ll appreciate what spurred the creation of it. This blog post was the final catalyst which set me in motion to create MAG for those who need and want it:
Joey’s Big Question for You
When you see the 370 comments at the bottom of that post – you’ll understand why I had no choice but to team up with Jack in order to make MAG a reality for people all over the world.

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About the Author:

Joey Atlas is Co-Creator of The MAG-Factor Complete Fitness Coaching System for Clients Around the World. And as you may already know - he's Your Trainer Forever... Your Trainer For Life...


  1. FRIDA SPALT  January 10, 2012

    Hi Joey i truly like the short video as it explained all i needed to know to find my way around. thank you so much to you n Jack for having started the Mag-Factor..Its what i’ve been looking for all my life it seems.

    • Joey  January 10, 2012

      Hello Frida – thanks for the great feedback. We are glad to have you as a MAG Private Client and we have even more features of the system coming out in the next few months – so you are really going to be impressed as you keep moving closer and closer to your goals. See yo in the Private MAG Forum!
      Your trainer for life,

  2. violet  January 10, 2012


    thank you so much. i have followed you closely, i have lost weight in a very short period, but where i have not seen much result is on my stomach. i want to have a very flat belly.

    • Joey  January 10, 2012

      Hi Violet – Congrats on your recent weight loss. I’d love to help you get those better results you are looking for. I can do that inside The MAG Factor and would love to have you as a client. Hopefully you can join us all in here.
      – Joey

  3. Melissa  January 10, 2012

    Hi Joey,
    I have a problem here. I bought my VIP place into the MAG factor 4 days ago but I haven’t been able to do absolutely anything. I cannot fill the questions that I’m suppose to because they do not download. I could only see the First Step out of Three, all those questions about my goals, and weight and height are blank in my profile and now I am not even able to log in. I sent an email to support as soon as I noticed there was nothing I could do. I havent got a reply yet. I feel Im wasting my time here checking the blank pages day after day.

    • Joey  January 11, 2012

      Hello Melissa,
      We just checked your account. The problem is you have entered an unreadable phone number. It you’re in the USA or Canada – there should only be 10 digits. If you’re in another country, you’ll want to leave that box blank (no phone #) for now as we are testing a new INTL service to connect to MAG. ..And be sure to choose “Email only” as the method of preferred communication IF you are not in the USA or Canada. Once you do this – you’ll be able to proceed :-) )

      Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!!

      • Melissa  January 11, 2012

        But Joey I cannot even log anymore. It says I should check my email for my new password but I get nothing. I checked my junk inbox as well and I have no email from your website. So I cannot even see my profile anymore. By the way, I’m from Peru so I’m sorry about the phone anymore. I do get the motivational email on my inbox unfortunately so far that is the only thing I have been provided =(

        • Joey  January 11, 2012

          OK – me or Jack will check into your login info and figure this out for you. Did you recently change it?? Or try to change it?
          - Joey

  4. Melissa  January 11, 2012

    Yes, since my password (though saved) did not work I used the “Lost your password?” link at about 11 am and then 9 pm. No reply in any of the cases. Sorry for the inconvenience. Computers hate me, they hate me bad u.u

    • Joey  January 11, 2012

      hi Melissa,
      Please check your email now :-)

  5. Melissa  January 11, 2012

    I’m sorry. I haven’t got any email. What seems to be the problem?

    • Joey  January 11, 2012

      I emailed you twice from my personal account (earlier I sent you my direct phone # to help you sort this out personally). Check your spam folder if you haven’t. And if you don’t see them, please go to this page:
      And send me the best phone number to reach you at tomorrow – or skype id if you have one – or another email address (we constantly have issues with people using hotmail – and not getting important emails from us).

  6. mary  January 13, 2012

    hi Joey,

    Thanks for you email, and Happy New year, i have shared your blog with my friends here in Tanzania, most of them like them. to me every thing is okay and i am in my greatest shape ever. You did it Joey, thanks.